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One of a kind, handwoven 100% wool, Margoom rug
Size: 128 x 207 cm


Use a vaccume cleaner to remove dust and hair. Be gentle when using the brush function.



This rug is expertly handwoven and is the creative fruit of our local Berber Artisan, Salima. Her knowhow has been passed down from mother to daughter for 12 generations. 

Diamond: Mirror that reflects the bad eye and provides protection
Diamond within another: Progressive enlargement of the woman's belly during pregnancy. Referring to the concept of life and creation

Waves: Male symbol for fertility. When associated with the diamond symbol, it signifies the coupling of man and woman

5-branch weaving comb: The comb represents creativity and knowledgeThe 5 branches refer to khomsa, an ancient amulet used to fend off the evil and provides, power and strength

Aïn Margoom Rug, 128 x 207 cm

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