The Fouta originates from North Africa, where for centuries, it was used as clothing/covering or towel at the Hammam (traditional bathhouse similar to Sauna).

In recent years it has become more popular due to its beautiful ethnic designs as well as for being highly versatile.

The Fouta is quite light (300-400g), highly absorbent, quick drying and can be folded compactly with ease. These characteristics makes the Fouta ideal for daily use and a perfect companion for your travels or adventures as it fits easily in your bag.

It can be used as a blanket for picnics at the park, as a shawl when it’s getting chilly during the later hours of a summer festival, as beach towel when relaxing seaside, tanning poolside or chillin’ on a boat. When on a hike or on an adventure it can be used as towel or to wrap around your legs/shoulders should you decide to visit a temple or sacred grounds.

Basically, the usages are endless, the Fouta has also been used as a scarf, throw and even as a tablecloth!

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